We welcome foreigners who wish to study the Russian language:

Our company, named New-Lingua, offers a course in Business Russian. It is intended for foreign specialists, engaged in the sphere of Russian business, such as managers, traders, businessmen, etc. We invite all those, who wish to make significant progress in confidential and other negotiations, business correspondence, in building new business tires and other activities. This course embraces basics of commercial and business vocabulary and is aimed at speedy surmount of language barrier in all aspects of professional communication - oral, written, conversational.

We shall teach you Russian, help you adapt once you are in Russia, familiarize you with peculiarities of polyethnic Kuban Region. We'll tell you about Russian history and culture, and show you around the city and region.

We will become your true friend and good counsellor in legal, economic, political and other matters, connected with you stay in Russia.

According to your needs, you will be offered a high-qualified private tutor speaking your native language: English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, etc. that will come to your office or apartment at any convenient time. You will acquaint communicative skills, will learn to present your company on professional level, and your negotiations with foreign partners will become way more effective, the circle of your business and personal contacts will widen, and literate, corrcect correspondence will no longer be a problem.

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